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We have had a number of queries lately about requests for documentation to be sold without the car.

Selling the documentation without the car is very dubious ground and not recommended, as it can leave the seller in an awkward spot. What you are doing is potentially assisting in the ringing of other cars, leaving you wide open for prosecution by the vehicle crime squad (whether in this country or abroad). Even if you sell the logbook you have not removed the identity from the car. The car's identity is with it for life regardless. This also applies to any requests for you to send a copy of the logbook for anyone looking to export the vehicle - in a word - don't!

When you come to scrap the car (something that the DOC do not like to see done unless the car is beyond recovery and being broken to aid the restoration of other examples) then you may well be asked for the logbook by the scrap yard so that they can cover themselves. If you have sold the logbook and then try to request a copy from the DVLA not only will it cost you 19, but they will be asking why you want a copy when it shows on their records as being sold to another person or exported. As for selling the remains of the car, most people will be very wary of buying an unregistered car as it is would need either an SVA test or be subjected to a V765 application. In the latter case this would involve the vehicle being inspected to ascertain its original identity which again could lead back to the person who split the logbook from the car. The DOC does not recommend that a logbook is sold separately from the car and suggests that you politely refuse to deal with these potential criminals and look for a more genuine buyer.


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