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There are a lot of sites of use on the internet - this is just a handful we know of. If you have found a site you think would be of use to Dutton Owners, or if you have a Dutton site, and would like a link from the Dutton Owners Club site, please e-mail the webmaster.  Enjoy!!!


Vehicle registrations

You can now search on the DVLA and RAC websites for details of registered vehicles. The RAC requires only the registration number, while the DVLA requests the vehicle make as well as the registration number.


DVLA vehicle search


Real people and their sites...
Dutton rebuilds, photos, that sort of going on....


Club listings

See also the area meets pages for local kit car clubs and meetings.

Dutton forums

  •  ( and the will continue to work)


Other groovy stuff...spares, info that sort of thing... (see also Dutton Owners Club - useful suppliers list)



 Dutton amphibious vehicles

  • Details of what Tim is up to now including details of his wondrous amphibious vehicles

Tim Dutton Amphibious cars, Arun Shipyard, Rope Walk, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5DH. Tel 01903 713313

 Kit car mags

 Kit car shows

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