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There are now a number of different ways to ask your questions and make your comments. Please use responsibly.

Before posting a question
please check the Dutton FAQs - or the Identify your car pages as these have loads on info on that avoid duplication. You can also use the search facility on the message board.

If you are asking for specific help or advice, please mention your Dutton model and series number. (If you do not know, go to the Identify your car pages, or send the chassis number.) This is important, as the components vary from model to model and series to series. Using more detailed titles since this helps searching (e.g. 'X-flow starting difficulty' rather than 'engine probs', or 'Melos heater' rather than 'Melos' or 'heater').


Cars / parts for sale or wanted
These are available by
clicking here. This page also has instructions on hold to place an ad - for sale or for wanted, cars and parts.


Valuation requests
Due to the very nature of kits they are difficult to value. If you would like an approximate valuation, please send as much information as possible, and where possible a photograph. Include details of model, series no., parts, engine, finish, MOT, etc. Even with this information, the valuation is based on our experience and you should be aware that basically a kit is worth whatever someone will pay for it!

Please bear in mind that this is in the public domain, so please use appropriate language, and respect other users. Any misuse should be reported to the webmaster.



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