Frequently asked questions - V765

We are asked about many subjects in the Dutton Owners Club, and these pages are aimed to help you find some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions. All these FAQs are from our members and the DOC accepts no liability for the information following. These methods have been used by our members, but people who are unsure should consult a qualified specialist (eg: welder, engineer, mechanic) if they require further information.
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The Dutton Owners Club and the V765 Scheme

The Dutton Owners Club is now an approved vehicle club for the purposes of the V765 scheme set up by the DVLA. For anybody who is not aware the V765 scheme is the form used to apply for the reclamation of an original registration mark. We are currently in the process of changing over our official representative. Mark Young, who was our membership secretary for many years, is no longer active in this role. We are still actively liasing with the DVLA and will have someone soon who can countersign and approve or refuse applications made under the above scheme regarding Duttons. This does not mean that any Dutton that has never been registered can now avoid the SVA.

It does, however, give the potential for a car that has been on the road but has lost its identity to have that identity or an equal age related plate assigned to it, providing that it meets a list of criteria and suitable evidence is available. The DVLA has recognised the importance of the DOC in the preservation and continuation of the Dutton marque and our ability to identify cars, verify their authenticity and date of manufacture. We are also now listed in the V765/1 booklet of vehicle owners clubs available from the DVLA and any of its local offices. For more information please contact any of the current committee members who will be able to fill you in or point you in the right direction to someone who can.

Updated October 2013