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Escort 6 pod dash rev counters

I can't get the rev counter in the six dial pod from an Escort to work. Someone said that the old Escort loom used 'induction link'...
You need to run the lead from the negative side of the coil through the plastic loop at the back of the tacho then back to the dizzy - if it doesn't work straight away swap the connections as the direction of current flow is important.

Instrument compatibility

Is there a way of bringing about compatibility of Smiths type instruments with Ford senders? In my case thermometer and petrol gauge. In both cases it appears I am continuously suffering from a boiling engine and the good fairy keeps the petrol tank permanently full! Someone suggested one could use a TV tuning switch, are there recognised steps to be taken? 
Most instruments require a voltage stabiliser which gives a voltage drop from the car's 12 volts to about 10 volts required by the instruments. Voltage stabilisers are often attached to the back of instrument panels in production cars and generally have two connections. One marked "B" goes to the ignition switch, via the fuse box, and the other marked "I" is connected to the instrument positive. This voltage drop can also be obtained with a small resistance in the circuit, you will have to experiment to find the correct resistance. A variable resistance device may be needed (such as a TV tuning switch - although it may have the wrong resistance).

Interiors and fittings

What seats fit in my Phaeton?

Phaeton S3, S4, and Melos: There are several but ones we have been told about are:- Richfield RX777(just make sure you go for the narrow option (36) as they do 2 widths of seat), RX007, Corbeau Basic Recliner, Classic Bucket and Cub, Cobra S7, Europa Roadster 7 seat, Intatrim Ranger. Always check the measurements before buying since some mods may have been made to make these fit! If you know of any others then please let us know.

Phaeton S1 and 2 and earlier models: The seats in these are cushions that fit the moulded fibreglass floor and rear bulkhead moulding, and so aftermarket seats cannot be fitted. Replacement cushions can be made from seating foam cut to size and them trimmed with seat covering material. However in some cases people have removed the moulding and replaced it with flat panels and then fitted other seats, but we would not recommend this unless you want plenty of work.


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